Why is it important to get rid of dead skin?

Why is it important to get rid of dead skin?

What does your mirror reflect?

Are you proud and satisfied because it reflects clear, glowing, healthy skin ...

or are you discouraged because it reflects dull, uneven skin?



Whatever the season the outside world can be pretty tough on skin. But, no matter what the threat -  sharp cold wind, moisture-sucking heat pump - our skin valiantly protects our delicate insides. As a result of the daily barrage of incoming threats, our skin can become a bit worse for wear and in need of tender, loving care.

Looking after our skin not only helps it continue to protect us but also means we will have clean, glowing skin with fewer breakouts. It really is a win-win situation.

Our skin is continuously producing new skin cells which gradually move up from the bottom of the epidermis (top layer of skin) to the skin's surface. When they get to the top the healthy new skin cells replace the dull old ones. We shed dead skin cells constantly as we go about our day, there are literally millions on our body. A good clean up of all the old cells unveils all the new vibrant ones



So, how do we get rid of dull, old skin cells?


It's as easy as 1 ... 2... 3 ...

1) rinse your face 

2) exfoliate either manually or chemically

3) rinse and moisturise


 * we recommend our gentle but tough Activated Charcoal Facial Scrub



Always remember to take special care when exfoliating your face ...

  • do NOT go near your eyes or lips
  • do NOT use products on your face that are designed for other body parts
  • do NOT exfoliate damaged or sunburned skin
  • do NOT exfoliate just before an important event, your skin will need time to recover
  • do NOT exfoliate more than twice a week


Skin is simply amazing and so hard working. Take some time to care for yours today!








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