Do I really need to exfoliate?

Do I really need to exfoliate?

 It is a bit of a gross topic to talk about but basically the old skin cells on your body starts to layer up leaving your skin looking dull and rough. The old skin cells can also block up pores leading to acne and blemishes. So yes, you do need to exfoliate if you want fresh, smooth skin.



There are two ways to exfoliate; mechanical and chemical. Mechanical involves a tool (a brush) or a face scrub that physically removes the dead cells. Chemical involves the use of ingredients such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids to dissolve cells. 

In our Facial Scrubs we use the texture of rosehip seeds to gently remove old skin cells. These rosehip seeds have the added benefit of being packed with Vitamins A & C which repair skin damage and provide a strong protective anti-oxident boost. With the addition of deep cleansing activated charcoal your face will be feeling fresh and smooth in no time.



For best results you would exfoliate your face two to three times a week. Once you have exfoliated don't forget to moisturise.







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