What causes oily skin and how to reduce it

What causes oily skin and how to reduce it

Is your face oily?

Do you struggle with a shiny face and constant breakouts?

In this blog post we will cover the why and what to do about it.


Why is some people's skin oily and some people's dry?                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your skin naturally produces an oil called sebum. This oil is needed to keep your skin hydrated and free from infection. Skin that creates limited sebum is called dry, skin that creates an excess of sebum is called oily. A small amount of sebum means that skin is not as hydrated as it should be and abundance can lead to pimples.




What makes skin more oily?
  • genetics
  • living in a hot, humid climate
  • enlarged pores due to weight, age, previous breakouts
  • unhealthy diet
  • hormone stress


Ways you stop your face from being so oily ...


  • wash your face morning and night
  • shower after working out to remove sweat
  • use blotting sheets to minimise shine
  • clean bedding, especially pillowcases regularly 
  • eat healthy, include foods with; omega 3, antioxidants, probiotics
  • reduce stress  by exercising, meditating, talking to family and friends
  • avoid fragrances and alcohol in cosmetics as they can irritate skin
  • clean makeup brushes frequently
  • try not to touch your face, if you need to wash your hands first



Making these small changes will reduce the amount of oil on your face and lead to a reduction in acne.








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