Top 5 Skincare Secrets from Models

Top 5 Skincare Secrets from Models

When you see them walking down the runway or on the pages of glossy magazines, it’s hard to believe that models have the same skin concerns as you do. But even if they look like divine beings, these real life Amazonians actually have a few skin problems of their own. But overtime, they’ve developed their own tips and tricks to combat them.

Want to know what the secrets to flawless skin? Look no further as we list them down for you.

1. Kendall Jenner

Despite being a certified ‘It’ girl, Kendall Jenner has openly talked about her own struggles with acne. But the reality-star turned supermodel swears by her little DIY trick to getting rid of those stubborn spots. Kendall makes her own facial mask by mixing egg whites with a half-lemon. She then applies it to her face for 30 minutes before rinsing and just like that – goodbye pimples!

egg whites

2. Jasmine Tookes

When she’s not busy strutting down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, Jasmine Tookes takes time to pamper and rejuvenate her skin. Her secret? Ice. This down-to-earth model usually rubs her face with ice every night to improve blood circulation and tighten her pores. Now, that’s a beauty hack everyone can definitely do!



3. Bella Hadid

As the current endorser and face of Dior makeup, you might think that Bella Hadid never suffers from the sudden appearance of zits. But this supermodel has had her fair share of spots. Bella swears by an old trick that was taught to her by fellow model and sister, Gigi. She uses toothpaste to get rid of zits which she claims does a good job of drying them out quicker. A word of caution though, toothpaste can be very drying to the skin, so always use it sparingly.




4. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling world. As a former Victoria’s Secret model, she successfully reinvented herself and is now the founder and owner of the highly successful skincare and makeup brand, Kora. Despite being in the industry for so long, she never seems to age! In an interview with Vogue Australia, Miranda revealed that one of her secrets include using facial mists. She never goes a day without spritzing and claims it’s one of the best ways to keep your face moisturized.



5. Valeria Lipovetsky

It’s hard to believe that this model is a mother of three, especially with her flawless and luminous complexion. But Valeria makes it look easy with her simple tools and tricks which she shares on her blog and YouTube channel. As a registered holistic nutritionist, she believes that having a healthy lifestyle is essential to great skin. She also developed her own tricks that you can easily do at home. Valeria creates her own eye patches by blending a cup of green tea with cucumber and half a lemon. After which she dips cotton pads into the concoction, freezes them overnight and uses them whenever her eyes feel tired. 

green tea


These models’ secrets are easy, effective and most importantly affordable. Try them out for yourself and let us know which tip works the best!

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