How to reduce under eye swelling FAST

How to reduce under eye swelling FAST


Waking up from a troubled night's sleep Jenny looks in the mirror and shrieks. To her horror the skin under her eyes is swollen, she looks as though she has been awake for a week.Her heart drops as she remembers that she has a meeting with clients in an hour. How can she look on her game by then?

A couple of deep breaths later, she is calmer and able to think clearly. She knows what she has to do ...

Cool it down!

She could...

  • make an ice pack made from a packet of frozen vegetables, 
  • put slices of a refrigerated cucumber over her eyes,
  • put two green tea bags into warm water for a couple of minutes, then place the teabags in the fridge for about five minutes and then put the teabags on her eyes.
  • put two metal spoons in the fridge for a couple of minutes and then put them over her eyes.



Luckily Jenny has a bag of peas in the freezer. She wraps them in a tea towel, lies on the sofa and practices some more deep breathing whilst embracing the calming coolness of the peas. After ten minutes Jenny and her eyes feel a lot better.



Next Jenny makes herself a cup of coffee. Jenny is super smart and knows that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. This means it constricts blood vessels, which leads to less less puffiness.

Now Jenny is ready to apply her makeup and get ready for her meeting. Crisis averted.


 Good job Jenny!! 





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