5 Super Simple Korean Skincare Tips

5 Super Simple Korean Skincare Tips
All over the world, Koreans are known for their impossibly clear and enviable complexion. So much so, that their meticulous multi-step morning regimen has captured the attention of global beauty editors and influencers.
But if you’re like any normal person who doesn’t have an extra hour or money to spare on such an intricate beauty routine, then we’re here to help out.
Here are a few simple Korean skincare secrets you can integrate in your day – without getting late for work or breaking the bank.


1. Give Yourself a Facial Massage in the Shower

It’s not uncommon for people to take long, hot showers to relax. The steam from your hot shower not only helps cleanse skin but also improves blood circulation Make your bath session work extra hard by treating yourself to a facial massage. You can do that by tapping your face in rotating motions, beginning with your forehead while working down to your cheeks, jawbone even until your neck. This helps relieve any muscle tension and increase moisture.





2. Get an Overnight Mask

Koreans are obsessed with moisturizing their skin. It’s one of their secrets to getting that glowing and healthy complexion. You can achieve the same effect by letting your face mask do all your work for you. After cleansing your face at night, simply put your sleeping mask on and leave it overnight. The added layer of moisture may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but it’ll be definitely worth it when you wake up with dewy and revitalized skin.





3.  Invest in Skin Essence

At a young age, women are already taught how to take care their faces and that involves a simple three-step process which are cleanse, tone and moisturize. But Koreans add one more step in between toning and moisturizing. By incorporating essence, which is a more concentrated formula than moisturizing creams, they’re able to target problem areas better. Essence was made to specifically combat wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines –  which would explain why Koreans look so young!


face essence


4. Never forget your SPF

Dermatologists have always emphasized the importance of slapping on SPF regardless of whether or not you’re under the sun. Koreans are extra diligent about their SPF and never forget to put them on a daily basis. This helps prevent premature aging caused by too much exposure from the sun. It’s an extra step they take before going about their day and they never leave home without it.







korean sun







































5.  Drink Barley Tea

Perhaps one of the easiest thing you can incorporate into your routine is drinking tea, specifically barley tea into your day. Everyone knows that having a healthy gut is a major contributor to clearer complexion. Barley tea is packed with fiber that helps detoxify your digestive system which is why Koreans have them after ever meal.

barley tea












Your beauty regimen doesn’t have to be overly complicated and by following these super simple tips, you’re sure to see a difference on your skin in no time.







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